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Stop…If You Were Raised in a Dysfunctional Family Read This Message:

Make Your Injured Childhood Feelings of Abandonment, Insecurity, and Anxiety a Thing of the Past... Regardless of the Cause

Just about everything you experience as an adult is rooted in patterns created when you were a child

Regardless of your age, you can now heal the traumas, problems, and heartache of your childhood.

Once you uncover the underlying beliefs about what happened, you can re-parent yourself and begin the healing process.

Your inner child is your childlike aspect. It includes everything you learned and experienced as a child before puberty.

This inner child lives on in your subconscious mind and is heavily influencing who you are today and your experience of life.

If your childhood memories include an abused, abandoned, restricted, rigid, or severe home life, these unfortunate events are still impacting you far more than you realize.

If you were raised in a dysfunctional family, you may have had to look out for your own needs, instead of playing with friends.

You may have had to learn to care for younger siblings, instead of having free time to simply be.

You might have had to protect yourself from the emotional states of the adults around you to ensure you wouldn’t be abused in some way, instead of living in a safe environment.

Insecurity, fear of rejection, depression, and anxiety are all side-effects of a wounded child trapped inside influencing your perceptions and self-esteem.

They live on in your subconscious mind and will repeat over and over until you take time to heal your inner child.


Jonathan Parker Ph.D.

I’m Jonathan Parker. I am an expert in subtle energies and higher states of consciousness. In my 40 year career I’ve counseled over 40,000 people to heal their childhood wounds and transform their relationship with themselves and others. I created a unique and powerful program to help my clients heal and restore their consciousness to its natural innocent state utilizing guided soul meditation processes.

Just About Everything We Experience As Adults Is Rooted in Patterns Created When We Were Children

Your parents, and others around you while you were growing up had limited tools handed to them from what they experienced. They made mistakes. They had shortcomings.

The good news is that your parents do not need to be involved in your healing process. You can actually “re-parent” yourself now with all the care, acceptance, and qualities you could ever want.

You can’t time-travel into your past, but that doesn’t mean you have to hold on to the pain and wounds of your childhood. Luckily the emotional pain attached to your memories can be healed through accessing your soul and subconscious mind in a meditative state.

Just imagine how you’ll feel when  you reparent yourself with all the care, acceptance, love, and attention you could ever want. Problems and struggles with people will start to automatically heal because your energy and mindset about life will become positive and happy. Your cycles of tears and pain will end, and your heart will open to give and accept love.

When you heal your childhood,

you heal your adulthood at the same time!

The easiest and most effective way to do this is with my program designed specifically for this purpose, Heal Your Childhood Wounds. I will guide you through your memories and vulnerabilities stored in your subconscious mind. You will emerge healed, confident free, fun-loving, playful, and liberated.

Look at what you’ll receive:


You'll discover how the patterns formed, and how to bring healing and resolution to your memories, pain, trauma, anger, fear, and self-image issues. The meditations guide you through beautiful spiritual and soul connections to bring deep healing to your heart and emotional centers.

This program includes:

  • Deep Inner Child Healing with Your Soul
  • Heal Your Inner Child & Inner Adolescent’s Needs
  • Heart & Soul Healing of Birth & Life Traumas
  • Life Review Meditation
  • Empower Your Inner Child Meditation
  • Inner Child Healing Audible & Subliminal Mind Talk Affirmations 
  • Healthy Boundaries Audible & Subliminal Mind Talk Affirmations

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